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Verified Purchase This version of Works is the retail version, just as you see in the picture. I just bought this retail version from a vendor in Amazon, and just installed it to my Vista machine. It will also be compatible with Works Converter , which is a file converter program you can download for free from Microsoft. This matters, as it means you can keep using Works and still read later versions of Word files. But Win 8 Advisor also says that Word will not work in Win8.

I get contrary feedback in PC World forum, users claiming that Word runs just fine on their Win8 machines. So maybe you should take the claim by Win8 advisor against Word , with a grain of salt.

Now to what Works has. The main reasons to get it -- especially at this price -- are three: It's really important to have MS Office and prior, and Word is part of that. The importance is two-fold: Later versions of MS Office do not support these older files. So via Word , you can convert them.

Some old spreadsheets cannot be read by Works either, but then you can get Excel and perform the necessary backwards-compatible conversion, so later MS Office can read the old files. I make a bunch of videos as brainouty in Youtube, so being able to edit a photo or graphic is important. MS Works is the only way to launch it. Works itself has a limited database and spreadsheet function, which is okay for home use; you can usually send spreadsheets to business users i. Works even has presets of projects you'd computerize for your house.

For work, it's not too useful, but there are die-hard Works fans who use it in a small office. I'm not one of them, but you can read reviews on Works here in Amazon, explaining how useful they find it at work.

The other things in the Works suite are all outdated now: Encarta useful, but old , Streets and Tips and Money. In short, especially for this price, it's good to buy Works et seq. But be sure ONLY to get the retail version, which is in a plastic clamshell case, 7" tall by 5. It will not install, except on the original PC with which it was sold preinstalled. I posted the permalink to this review in PC World, to ask others who disputed with me, to come here and comment on how they can use old MS Office, in Win8.

That might be important to you. Some of the people there are trolls, so will make useless comments. I can't help that. You will be able to distinguish between the useful posts and the trolls, I'm sure. Hope this helps:

Purchase Where to buy Microsoft Digital Image Suite 2006

In fact, IDC predicts that the number of digital images captured, shared and received will continue to grow at a rate of 24 percent per year through Digital Image Suite makes it easy to view and organize images with a variety of features perfect for any style. Assign Labels such as customizable keywords and ratings for easy categorization, or create virtual to-do lists with Flags for common photo tasks. The Digital Image Library provides Video Support, allowing consumers to organize, sort and view all their multimedia elements in one place.

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