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An audio object with Musical Tempo Adjustment enabled. Markers and automation curve show tempo interpolation from Bar 4 at bpm to Bar 6 at bpm, followed by a tempo jump to bpm at Bar 8. Suppose you have an existing project containing both audio and MIDI, and you decide to add an accelerando at bar 17 for four bars. Begin by selecting all the audio objects, double-click to open the Object Editor and tick the Musical Tempo Adjustment box to prime the audio for tempo changes.

Now, to add tempo changes to the project, you need to have the tempo map set to BPM mode, a setting which is found in the Edit menu under Tempo. As soon as you close the dialogue box, you will see the VIP timeline adapting to the new tempo — and now, in Pro X3, the tempo interpolation will be applied to audio as well as MIDI, keeping everything in sync with the metronome.

So, now you can finally edit your minute prog-rock opus and flexibly incorporate multiple tempos and time signatures, with everything staying together. BPM Markers are red, and will always show the assigned tempo for that marker.

But Samplitude Pro X3 has another trick up its sleeve. Now, try grabbing one of these markers and dragging it left or right and you will notice that the audio is stretched or compressed either side of the marker. Also, if you enable a tempo track, you will see the project tempo map displayed as an automation curve. You can edit this curve with the mouse automation tools, drawing in any tempo changes you wish to add.

When automation nodes are added, tempo markers will be automatically placed at these points. Pocket Calculator Another new addition in Pro X3 is the ability to detect tempo within imported audio. To calculate the tempo, left-click on the downward arrow and choose Analyse Tempo from Audio Material.

In my test, I imported a two-bar drum loop which I knew was at 67bpm. The calculation showed it as So, in this case one would need to manually correct the tempo by typing in 67bpm — and, although the detected tempo was only 13 ticks out, it would make sense to round these calculations up or down.

The BPM detection menu. Notice the question mark, indicating that the tempo of the object has yet to be analysed. The Samplitude Pro X3 package comes with a free copy of Melodyne Essential to get you up and running, but if you already have Melodyne 4 on your system, it will automatically utilise that version. Previously, you could only use Melodyne as a VST plug-in in Samplitude, which could be a cumbersome process: ARA makes the whole process considerably faster and more user-friendly: Melodyne then scans the audio file faster than real time, with no transfer needed; once scanned, the Melodyne window will then open giving you access to its innovative editing and pitch-correction features.

If you then look at the Object Editor, you will notice that Melodyne has been automatically inserted into the effect insert slot. One of the big advantages of ARA integration is that you can now position the play cursor anywhere along the Melodyne editor timeline, making it much easier to start playback in the right place when editing. You can then insert a virtual instrument on that track and double up the original audio with a synth sound of your choice.

The skin suite comes in seven different colours: You can choose different skin variations, including the length of faders and nine mixer sizes to use with different screen resolutions.

He has also created a skin editor utility for enhanced customisation. The native Samplitude mixer skins Camo, Canis and Carbon have also received some Spyros treatment in Pro X3, and there is now a choice of four different-height mixer skins with different fader lengths, including a slim version. One improvement I noticed is that previously, if you tried to make the mixer smaller by resizing, Samplitude tended to pixelate the graphics. This has finally been fixed and resizing no longer causes corruption of the GUI.

Also in previous versions, when you added tracks to a project you needed to manually resize the mixer to see the extra tracks. This no longer happens and the mixer is resized automatically — a small but important fix that resolves what was something of a bugbear for me in the past. The Info Manager is divided into three sections. Project Commentary can be used for typing in notes about the project and is always visible, while Track Commentary works on a per-track basis: Track Commentary thus gives you individual notepads for every track in the project.

Object Commentary works in a similarly dynamic way, allowing you to type in notes for the currently selected object.

When you select another object, the notepad will be blank and you can add a commentary for that object. As an example, if you have a project containing tracks you will have individual Track Commentary notepads for all those tracks — and if that project contains, say, audio and MIDI objects, the info manager will give you individual Object Commentary notepads, one for each of the objects.

Info Manager notes are saved with the project. Bearing in mind there is already a comments section at the bottom of the Track Editor and in the Object Editor, you should never be short of places to make notes! It combines professional tools with highly efficient work flows to achieve maximum quality in the areas of recording, arrangement and band mixing, as well as postproduction and mastering.

Innovative algorithms coupled with high quality effects plugins allow you to bring your ideas to life in accordance with the highest industry standards. Celemony Melodyne Essentials: The market leader for pitch and time correction.

The combination of Melodyne and ARA makes realtime timestretching and pitchshifting possible. Tempo automation: Audio objects factor in changes in position and length in the tempo map. Workflow optimizations: Improvements to the mixer and managers and a redesigned start dialog save you a lot of time and clicks.

Birdline Skins: Access the entire Platinum Pack from Birdline and modify Samplitude exactly the way you want. Zynaptiq Orange Vocoder ME: The legendary Orange Vocoder in a limited edition. Virtual instruments in various categories Only in the Pro X3 Suite: For productions that conform to loudness standards. The master fader can be adjusted with the "Normalize master" button so that the next playback conforms to loudness standards.

True Peak Limiter:

Samplitude Pro X3 provides experienced musicians, sound engineers and producers with a complete environment for creative audio production. Samplitude Pro X3 combines professional tools with highly efficient work flows to achieve maximum quality in the areas of recording, arrangement and band mixing, as well as post-production and $ May 29,  · Samplitude Pro X3 Suite provides experienced musicians, sound engineers and producers with a complete studio environment for creative audio production. It combines professional tools with highly efficient work flows to achieve maximum quality in the areas of recording, arrangement and band mixing, as well as post-production and mastering/5(2). Oct 04,  · My intention is to buy a new audio interface with additional ports where I can connect an external high-end headphone amp for the best possible use of some high-impedance studio headphones (Beyerdynamic DT Pro, ohms) and some lower-impedance headphones (like my Sony MDR, 63 ohms) at the same time (so, in the end a hardware solution.

How Can I Buy Samplitude Pro X3 Suite Permanently?

In the case of Samplitude 10, a complex new mastering compressor and some excellent automation features are among the highlights. As it is, in the box, and as it says on the box, it will enable you to record, edit and mix your music to a professional level. Samplitude 10 features excellent automation functions which make creative and professional results much easier to achieve, and benefits from one superb new mastering plug-in. The Complete Suite The philosophy behind these last two major additions would seem obviously to be to make Samplitude 10 as self-contained as possible, encompassing all processes from initial recording or programming to final mastering. Although plug-in automation has been available for quite a while in Samplitude, it only applied to third-party plug-ins.


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