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ArcGIS Desktop includes ArcGIS Pro, ArcMap, ArcCatalog & ArcGIS Online Creator User Type with Service Credits. View license levels and pricing fwglgz.meg: ‎| ‎Must include: ‎ Esri now offers annual ArcGIS Desktop subscription plans. View pricing for Advanced, Standard and Basic Licenses, available in the United States only. To see all available products and pricing, please Sign In or Create an account. ArcGIS Pro. ArcGIS Pro is a modern, fast, and powerful GIS application for.

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What are Esri's new ArcGIS for Professionals and ArcGIS Pro? 5 answers Advanced Desktop ). When I go to the download page in my ESRI account, I'm given the option to download ArcGIS for Desktop or ArcGIS Pro. Which one should I download? What's the difference between these two? rev Mar 03,  · ArcGIS Pro vs. ArcMap - When to use it? Question asked by kenric03 on Feb 27, Latest reply on Getting started with ArcGIS Pro: Esri Training But if you are someone new to ArcGIS Desktop then ArcMap is the best option for you to understand the workflows and the tools to use,once you can perform all the basic tasks you can migrate to Reviews: 4. ArcGIS for Server, the world’s most versatile GIS server, puts you in complete control of your organization’s critical geospatial assets and data. This virtual machine (VM) includes Windows-only, ArcGIS software: ArcGIS for Server – for creating, managing and deploying GIS services.

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Licensing information Summary Compares two feature classes or layers and returns the comparison results. Feature Compare can report differences with geometry, tabular values, spatial reference, and field definitions.

Usage This tool returns messages showing the comparison result. By default, it will stop executing after encountering the first miscompare. To report all differences, check on the Continue Comparison parameter. Multiple sort fields may be specified. The first field is sorted, then the second field, and so on, in ascending order.

Sorting by a common field in both the Input Base Features and the Input Test Features ensures that you are comparing the same row from each input dataset. This means all properties of the features being compared will be checked, including such things as spatial reference, field properties, attributes, and geometry.

However, you may choose a different compare type to check only specific properties of the features being compared. The Ignore Options provides the flexibility to omit properties such as measure attributes, z attributes, point ID attributes, and extension properties. Two feature classes may be identical, yet one has measures and z coordinates and the other does not. You can choose to ignore these properties. For example, the features of two annotation feature classes can be identical but the feature classes may have different extension properties, such as different symbols in the symbol collection and different editing behavior.

To minimize error, the value you choose for the compare tolerance should be as small as possible. If zero is entered for the XY Tolerance, an exact match is performed. The units are the same as those of the Input Base Features. If zero is entered for the M Tolerance and Z Tolerance, an exact match is performed.

If the spatial references are different, a miscompare will be reported. If the coordinate system is different for either input, the features will miscompare. This tool does not do projection on the fly. The Omit Fields parameter is a list of fields that are not included in the field count comparison—their field definitions and tabular values are ignored.

Attribute tolerances can only be specified for numeric field types. This file is a comma-delimited text file which can be viewed and used as a table in ArcGIS. For example, this table can be queried to obtain all the ObjectID values for all the rows that are different.

True indicates there is a difference. One of the first comparisons performed is a feature count. If the feature count is reported as being different and the Continue Compare parameter is True the subsequent comparison messages may not accurately reflect additional differences between the Input Base Features and Input Test Features.

This is due to Feature Compare inability to figure out where features have been added or removed in the Input Test Features and simply moves to the next row in each attribute table. At the location in the attribute table where a feature has been added or deleted the tool will simply move to the next row and begin comparing the base feature with the wrong test feature because the correct one in the Input Test Data was deleted or a feature was added before it.

When using this tool in Python, you can get the status of this tool using result. The value will be 'true' when no differences are found and 'false' when differences are detected.

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